About Quadrivium

Who are Quadrivium?

Quadrivium Projects Ltd. is an independent software company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, specializing in the development of technical and scientific software for iOS and Mac OS X.

Why Quadrivium?

During the Renaissance from their Dark Age, Europeans rediscovered from Islamic scholars the teachings of the ancient Greeks.

These laid out the mind-liberating arts of the Trivium: grammar, logic & argument, and the Quadrivium:arithmetic, geometry, astronomy & music. Educated in these seven arts, a scholar was free from ignorance, and ready to study the higher, philosophical arts.

From Pythagoras to Aristotle, through Avicenna and Maimonides to Copernicus and the modern age, thinkers have understood that by studying the links and connections between the four arts of the Quadrivium they could better understand our universe of time & space.