We love graphics programs! But sometimes, you need to do some proper geometry – easy enough with ruler & compass & french curves, if a bit time consuming and repetitive, but if you need exact digital designs, graphics programs don’t go very far.

That’s where Figura comes in.

Figura iPad Cairo Tiling

Figura iPad Cairo Tiling

In Figura, you start with simple points & lines and use precise geometric constructions to create the elements of your design, and exact geometric transformations to rotate, multiply or tile it, all without entering any numbers or formulae, just point, tap & drag.

And when you’re done, you can export it as exact SVG vector graphics (or, of course, bitmap), for inclusion in other graphics or publishing programs.


Figura multi-page view

Figura multi-page view

But there’s more!


Figura allows you to create multiple frames, each with its own annotation, and then lay them out into an interactive web page. With its own built-in CSS editor, you have complete control over fonts, styles, placement, etc., and can then export the entire page (including embedded SVG graphics) as HTML for publication on the world wide web.

Available both on MacOS & iOS, your files can be shared between your iPad & Mac using iCloud.

For even more advanced diagrams, loci can be entered, like the spirals that create the Triskele below – these are fully functional and can be intersected, dissected, rotated, reflected, translated and used as edges of polygons, just like lines and circular arcs.

Figura iPad - constructing a Triskele.

Figura iPad – constructing a Triskele.

Best of all, there is a full user manual, both built into the app, and available here, and a library of diagrams to get started!

Coming to the App Store in 2017.