Ever wondered what’s round the corner? Left your guide book at home? Sherpa is an app for iPhone that uses open-source data from Wikipedia, WikiData & OpenStreetMap to show points of interest on an Apple map.

You can show any or all of the following, both on a map and in a list view (sorted by closeness to your current location):

  • Wikipedia entries about places, buildings or points of interest
  • WikiData entries (this can be vast – in some places almost every building!)
  • OpenStreetMap categories:
    • Tourist Attractions
    • Historic Sites
    • Places to Eat
    • Places to Stay
    • Places of Worship
    • Fuel Stations
    • Bus stops
  • In addition, you can choose to let Sherpa flag selected addresses from your Contacts and the locations of pictures from selected Photo Albums.

Finally, if using an iPhone, holding the app up to your ear will speak directions to the closest point of interest.

Currently in beta testing, it will be available on the App Store soon!